Expert advice in the fields of Corporate and Personal Insolvency




When you have a financial interest in a struggling business, nothing matters more than taking swift action to protect your position. Businesses can find themselves in trouble out of no fault of their own or it may be a result of one of the business units taking the entire organisation over the edge. Likewise, at a personal level, you may be experiencing difficulties in meeting your financial obligations and it may be time to consider what your options are.

In both cases, the key is to obtain specialist, trusted advice sooner rather than later.



PT Partners is proud to introduce BDO Australia. BDO is one of the largest full service accounting and advisory networks in Australia and globally, with an experienced team of Insolvency experts "on the ground" in Brisbane.

BDO partners Gerry Collins and Matt Joiner have a long association with our firm and can provide specialist advice on a range of issues including:


  • Formal corporate and personal insolvency services
  • Business recovery and turnaround
  • Divestment of businesses and assets
  • Litigation support and expert witnesses
  • Credit management
  • Representing creditor interests



Start by talking to your PT Partners advisor. Once we've understood your circumstances and requirements, we can then contact Gerry or Matt and make an introduction for you to speak further with them. We can then assist BDO as and when required throughout the course of whatever body of work may proceed. 

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