Property Valuation
Experts in their field that can provide valuations of residential, commercial and industrial property.


Property Valuation


Property ownership is a big part of the Australian culture and a significant investment class across our client base. It is for this reason that we have two registered valuers among our Advisor Network.
Through our Advisor Network, we can assist with valuations of residential, commercial or industrial properties for a range of reasons including:


  • Capital Gains Tax purposes, where valuations as at a past date are often required;
  • Stamp duty purposes, to support a transfer to a related party;
  • Re-valuing the assets of a Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF);
  • Establishing values to support a Gift & Loan Back transaction;
  • Establishing values for mortgage security and family law purposes;
  • Valuing the assets of a deceased estate;
  • Objecting to Resumptions & Compulsory Acquisitions by government
  • Market Rent Advice.



We utilise the services of two advisors for valuation services.
Savas Varitimos is a registered valuer, located in Brisbane. Savas was registered as a valuer in 1992 and has worked extensively throughout South East Queensland in both the public and private sectors. Since this time, Savas has gained a wealth of valuation experience across a range of infrastructure projects. He specialises in residential property valuations, compensation assessments and resumption valuations.

Crisp Valuation Services are a boutique firm of registered property, valuers and consultants based in East Brisbane. Director, Stuart Cameron, has over twenty five years professional experience in finance and valuations, working with one of Australia's leading banks, later heading up his family's business which was Queensland's oldest valuation and real estate firm (Cameron Bros.), and more recently, heading up the Valuations and Professional Services division of McGees Property in Brisbane.


Start by talking to your PT Partners advisor. Once we've understood your circumstances and requirements, we'll recommend the Valuer best suited for the task.
We can then assist by liaising with the chosen valuer to arrange a quote for you.  In many cases, we can deal with, and pay, the valuer on your behalf and simply include their fees in our invoice to you.

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