Cloud Accounting
The cloud has revolutionised the accountant-client relationship. Make the journey with us.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting is the future. All of the mainstream accounting software vendors have moved that way.

Cloud Accounting simply means that rather than your accounting data being stored and processed on your own computer or server, it is stored and processed on the servers of the accounting software company that you make use of. You access your accounting data over the internet.


There are many benefits to using Cloud Accounting including:


  • The ability to access your data from anywhere, at any time

  • Software version updates are automatic

  • When using the right companies, you enjoy a higher level of security than many small business networks and laptops

  • As your accountant, we can access the same accounting file as you do, in real time.

  • The peace of mind of knowing your accounting data is stored and backed-up off-site

At PT Partners, we work with all major cloud accounting packages. The tabs below provide an overview some of the most popular packages. You should then contact a PT Partners advisor to discuss the solution that is right for your business.



Xero is the emerging leader of online accounting software that connects small businesses to their advisors and other services. Xero provides business owners with real-time visibility of their financial position in a way that’s simple, smart and secure.
At its core Xero is a powerful and comprehensive accounting system, complete with live bank feeds, accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit notes, budgeting, accounts reporting, Payroll (Australia), management reporting, expenses, fixed assets, GST returns and more.
Xero operates on a single ledger platform, where adviser and client view and work on the same data in real time in the cloud. The single ledger platform has changed the game for accountants when it comes to providing real solutions for business clients and becoming what is termed the “trusted adviser”.
For more details, visit the Xero page of our website or contact Darren Hagarty of our office.

MYOB is a leading provider of business management solutions that have given over a million businesses the freedom to focus on the work they really love. Building on their small business solutions that have dominated the Australian marketplace for over 20 years.
MYOB AccountRight Live is a next generation cloud accounting service that gives you the choice of how you do the accounts: on your desktop, in the cloud or both.
The key drivers of the software are flexibility, to stay on top of your business when and where you want and access, to enable teams in multiple locations or bookkeepers and accountants to work (with your permission) on your accounting data, saving time and increasing efficiency. AccountRight Live automatically links to over 100 banks and building societies in Australia and New Zealand to streamline the recording of bank transactions.

For more details, contact Darren Hagarty of our office or visit the Online Accounting page of the MYOB web site.


Reckon One is a customisable cloud accounting solution for small businesses. Developed by Reckon, an industry leader in accounting software, this solution gives businesses the flexibility to be able to choose the modules they want, and only pay for what they need.

With Reckon One you can change the program when you need to, in a way that suits just by adding or removing modules or users. Plus, Reckon One is built for the web so businesses can manage finances anywhere, at any time.

For more details, contact Darren Hagarty of our office or visit

Intuit is a global leader in small business accounting software and provider of connected services. Australians have known the QuickBooks brand for years. Intuit are building on this legacy with the introduction of Intuit QuickBooks Online – the powerful cloud version of QuickBooks!

Intuit QuickBooks Online has been designed to make life easier. It’s cloud-based – so you can access your files anywhere, anytime. QuickBooks Online comes with regular updates building on customer feedback… all included in your subscription.

For more details, contact Darren Hagarty of our office or visit


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