Corporate Social Responsibility
We are proud to be both socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means having a business model that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. By socially responsible, we mean that our activities should benefit society. By environmentally sustainable, we mean that our activities should not harm the environment.

SOCIAL Responsibility

It is our pleasure to support a range of charities, including these wonderful organisations:


Smith Family
Leukemia Foundation
Motor Neurone Disease Assoc
Abused Child Trust
Surf Lifesaving Australia


Environmental Sustainability

Because of the type of business we are, our carbon footprint is not large, but we still strive to make a positive contribution to the environment in small ways:


  • We pursue, as much as is practical, a paperless office environment and encourage staff to save documents electronically wherever they can;

  • We extend the option to our clients to receive correspondence from us electronically;

  • We utilise energy saving devices where possible, and machines that drop into stand-by mode when unused for a period of time.
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