Document Wallet Standalone
The ultimate in digital filing cabinets. Everything we produce for you - tax returns, financial statements, trust deeds, etc - will be securely stored in a beautiful online environment.

Currently with our development team, Document Wallet will streamline your dealings with us, and give you ease of access to all of the documents that we produce for you.

How Will It Work?




You'll need to elect to receive documents from us (e.g. letters, tax returns, financial statements, etc) electronically rather than via the post. We'll advise you in due course how you can make this election.




Whenever we having something to send you, we’ll upload it to your Document Wallet as a PDF file, and you will receive an email from us. The email itself will not contain any attachments. Instead, it will merely list the items we’ve uploaded and will contain a link.







You’ll click the link to login to the Client Zone of our web site, where you ‘ll be able to view, print and even email to third parties (e.g. banks) any of your documents.

How Will It Look?


Your document wallet will have the visual characteristics of a ring binder. You will be able to select from four different tabs:


  • Tax Returns & Financial statements
  • Correspondence
  • Miscellaneous Documents
  • Permanent Documents (e.g. Trust Deeds, Company Constitutions, etc.)

As well as being able to locate all of your documents within these four tabs, there will also be a convenient interface showing the most recently uploaded documents.

Will My Information Be Secure?

Very. The Client Zone of our website is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, 128-bit encryption and digital certificates.



Great. The good news is you don’t have to do anything. We’ll let you know via an email bulletin when the release date is drawing near.

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