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At PT Partners, we stay on top of change, and we keep you informed of the things that will matter to you. However, we go beyond just telling you about tax and regulatory changes. We offer real perspectives via our regularly updated blog, and we alert you to the things you need to know about.

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Be Aware of Scammers Impersonating the ATO

Many Australians believe they would never fall victim to a scam and could confidently spot one or know what to do if they were targeted. However, scammers are becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to trick people into paying money or providing personal information.

Accommodation Sharing and tax

The sharing economy provides a great opportunity for individuals with spare rooms or spare entire properties to rent out space and earn rental income using facilitators such as Airbnb. But it's important to understand the tax consequences.

The Federal Election Tax Washup

With the Government being returned at the recent Federal Election, what does this mean from a tax perspective?

Federal Budget 2019 - What You Need To Know

A summary of the big announcements from the 2019 Federal Budget.

Single Touch Payroll - A New Way to Report

In the biggest change to employer payroll reporting since the introduction of Activity Statements, all employers will very soon be required to comply with the new Single Touch Payroll (STP) regime.

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