How We Can Help You
If you value the importance of having an accountant that cares, then we'll be a great match.
New to Business

Going into business for the first time is exciting but it can also be daunting. Taking the wrong path could have major implications for a new business venture.

PT Partners can provide you with much needed advice and support through this difficult process. Whether it is guiding you on your tax and GST obligations, advising you on the right trading structure, or providing you with further perspectives on your business decision, we are here to help.

Already in Business

If you're already in business, and either don't have an accountant or would like to consider a change, then let's talk.

PT Partners can work with you to ensure that your tax position is optimised and your trading structure is right. We can look at your business from different angles and help you to improve your outcomes and achieve your goals.

Working, Investing or Retiring

If you are working as an employee or contractor, we can look after your tax obligations and ensure your tax position is optimised.

If you are investing, or thinking about investing, we can provide expert advice on issues such as asset protection and tax.

We can also offer specialist expertise on retirement strategies and superannuation. If you have a self-managed super fund, or would like to consider one, we can assist with that too.