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Access to quality HR advice with a focus on small to medium businesses


Staff can sometimes be challenging and time consuming. Small-to- medium businesses often wont require a Human Resources (HR)  division or staff member, but they will still need access to a HR professional from time-to-time.
The benefits of having a HR professional at your disposal are many. It may be to gain assurance that you are meeting your regulatory requirements with regard to Workplace Health & Safety and that your staff are safe. It may be to ensure you are meeting your legislative requirements with regard to Awards and Payroll and that you aren’t underpaying or overpaying. There may be any number of other reasons.


Our Advisor Network:

PT Partners is proud to introduce Karen Vercoe of The HR People. 
Located at Ashgrove, The HR People are a HR Consultancy that looks after small to medium size companies, who do not require full time HR.  Their  services are offered on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) Service, so there are no up front fees or large retainers.   
The HR People can assist with:

  • HR Audit & Gap Analysis Report
  • Recruitment (hourly basis, not a  % of salary)
  • HR Consulting – Awards Interpretation, General Staff Advice, etc
  • Fair Work Representation & Mediation 
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Independent Contracts
  • Corporate Policies & Relevant Forms (e.g. Workplace Health & Safety, Harassment, Discrimination, Drug &
    Alcohol, etc)
  • Workshops (Workplace Health & Safety & Training)
  • Position Descriptions
  • Performance Review Program
  • Payroll Audit
  • Outsourced Payroll
  • Workplace Health & Safety Inspection & Report 
  • Employee Surveys


Next Step:

Simply talk to your PT Partners advisor to arrange a complimentary, no-obligation meeting with The HR People.The meeting can take place either at our offices or at a location that suits you.
The HR People and your PT Partners advisor will communicate regularly to ensure that, together, we are providing an integrated and consistent solution.


For more information, visit Clients of PT Partners receive a 5% discount simply by quoting "I am a PT Partners referral".

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