Safe Passage
Securely send computer files of any size to your PT Partners advisor using a customised and easy-to-use interface.


Safe Passage provides a straight-forward, convenient and secure means of sending digital files to a member of the PT Partners team.


How DOES It Work?



Click the Safe Passage button on the home page of our web site.




From a drop-down list, choose the member of the PT Partners team that you would like to receive the file or files. 



Browse and select one or more files (up to 200 Mb in size) from your computer. You can add descriptive comments if you wish.

What Then?

Your files will be encrypted and securely transported to our server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, and digital certificates.


The PT Partners team member that you designated will receive an email notification of what you have uploaded, together with any notes you left them.

What’s the advantage of this over email?

Firstly, it’s far more secure. Your files are encrypted for their full journey.


Secondly, it overcomes the difficulties sometimes faced when emailing files over a certain size. Even extremely large accounting software files can be uploaded to us in this way, saving the need to use CDs or USB sticks.


Thirdly, your PT Partners advisor will receive  a personal notification of what you’ve sent them, together with any additional notes you have written.



Click here to open Safe Passage.

Click here for a demo video.

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